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UFO? Brazil registers third case of strange lights over Rio Grande do Sul sky

The report was made in the early hours of Monday; light has already been twice more in a period of 16 days. Taquara Observatory also recorded lights in the clouds

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Pilots and flight drivers observed, for the third time in 16 days, a strange light in the sky. The new report was in the early hours of Monday (7), after midnight. In an audio released, it is possible to hear one of the pilots informing that he saw "three or four" lights and that he cannot specify their altitude and distance, but that they are heading towards Porto Alegre.

Brazil registers third case of strange lights over Rio Grande do Sul sky
Brazil registers third case of strange lights over Rio Grande do Sul sky Foto: Camera Aeroporto Salgado Filho BrAmigos
The narrations circulate on the internet, in videos released by a profile that monitors the movement of Salgado Filho International Airport and the communication of those who coordinate the movement of aircraft bound for the capital of Rio Grande do Sul.

The last time the appearance of the light had been reported was on Friday night (4), and the first would have been on October 22. The reports would be from commercial aircraft pilots on the São Paulo-Porto Alegre route. In the contents, it is possible to hear the pilots talking about lights seen south of Porto Alegre towards Buenos Aires and that three of them were making spiral movements.

Heller & Jung Space Observatory Records

Professor Carlos Fernando Jung, responsible for the Heller & Jung Space Observatory, located in Taquara, in the Paranhana Valley, also observed lights in the sky in images recorded by astronomical observation equipment. According to him, something strange could be seen in the direction of Lagoa dos Patos last Friday (4), around 11:30 pm.

Initially, Jung had said that the lights recorded by the Observatory, which were also in the direction of Porto Alegre, could be reflections in the clouds. However, after investigating the records, he claimed not to have identified what appears in the images. "I considered light reflection in upper layers of clouds," he said. As for hypotheses that could justify this event, he commented that "without seeing images that the pilots may have recorded, it is not possible to analyze and conclude something".

The professor also claims to have no way of confirming whether the lights seen by the pilots are the same as those recorded by the Observatory, since the audios do not have a better description of the lights.

Listen to the audios


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